About Us

Welcome to Family Ark Mission

Family Ark Mission is a charity organisation dedicated to helping our older people make the most of later life. Ageing is not an illness, but it can be challenging. At Family Ark Mission we provide services to inspire, enable, support older people and be their voice in the society.

This is meant to be the best days. At Family Ark Mission, Agency for the Aged, WE MAKE THEIR DAYS COUNT


Numerous organisations are becoming partners and individuals are actively volunteering with us to make a difference – join in and help us make that difference and let the world know that Older People are very much still Full of Life

Family Ark Mission is registered with CAC as a Non-Governmental Organization. It is a non-profit making organization with registration number: CAC/IT/NO/25502 with the aim of putting smiles on our Elders and with the objective of collaborating with various organizations and stakeholders to disseminate information on ageing and support services to seniors, families, providers, community agencies, and the private and public sector.

Family Ark Mission runs the following activities (1) World Elders Day (2) Conferences, Workshops and Seminars (3) Research on elderly reformation and rehabilitation (4) Advocacy and Lobbying (5) Endowment fund on elderly care (7) Valentine’s Day Celebration (8) Golden Age Carnival (9) Free Medical Screening and Exercise (10) Pounded Yam/Nutritional Day Celebration (11) Fashion in trend (FIT) for the aged (12) Visit to government and corporate bodies 13) Home Care Services (14) Fun Trips (15) Financial and Pension Resolution (16)The Organisation intends to train carers in Management Development Programme for Older persons (18) Inmate check-up of the Elderly at correctional services (19) Conflict Resolution (20)Sales of geriatric products (21) Ageing Gracefully TV show (22) Income generating ventures for sustainability (23) Older Persons IT compliant Education (24) Recreation Facilities in view (25) Celebration of Life Centers